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The Ethical, Environmental and Socially responsible Marketplace

Easily accessible and affordable products are no longer enough to win a consumer’s favour. However, sifting through large online shopping platforms to find products that are environmentally friendly and aligns to one’s needs can be mind blowingly painful.

A recent study has shown that 80% of consumers in Singapore care about the environment and 75% want to live more sustainably, but worry they lack the avenues and options to do so.

SustainaMalls aims to bridge the gap between sustainable businesses and consumers by being a one-stop platform. The goal is to provide consumers better and easy access to ethical, socially responsible and sustainable stores and products.

In an ideal world, all products are ethically produced with sustainability embedded throughout the supply chain. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. 

We have a curated selection of stores featured on our platform, whom we wholeheartedly believe that they are making every possible effort to keep their supply chains as sustainable as possible.

Each of the stores and their associated products will have their relevant product information and/or relevant certifications displayed on the site to help consumers make informed purchases.

We need to put sustainability in the cart because there is no other option. The climate crisis is at our doorstep and to quote the many protest banners out there – “There Is No Planet B.” Through this platform, we hope to inspire and empower you to become an eco-conscious citizen with your everyday choices.

Remember, small actions can create a big impact!

Now, we may not always get it right and as such, we encourage all users of our platform to give feedback to us if there’s anything you feel we should be doing better.

Connect with us at Contact US for more information or email directly at mailto:sustainamalls@gmail.com

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