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Why Sell on SustainaMalls

Low Fees

Competive fee based pricing model. With no listing fee or sign up fee, it is free to join!
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Strong Sales Platform

You'll find our platform covers everything from listing and payment, all the way through to logistics
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Easy & Secure Payment

All major card payments accepted through Stripe. With multiple payout options
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How to Become a Seller


Register and tell us about your company

  • Totally free! Set up an account and tell us about your company.
    Please ensure that your products are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible, as this is the backbone of the Marketplace

Start listing your products

  • Our simple and easy to use platform should make adding your products a doddle!
  • We do NOT charge for product listing

Start Selling!

  • Sustainamalls will inform you of sales both online and via email.
  • Use the plaforms tools to track orders, analyse sales and manage inventories

Encourage feedback

  • Nothing beats a strong product review. Encourage customers to leave a review and rate your products
  • SustainaMalls will monitor reviews, with the aim of writing a feature in our newsletter!

Frequently asked questions

How do fees work on SustainaMalls?

Signing up and starting your very own shop on SustainaMalls is totally free.
Our fees are as follows;

– Very competitive Commission fee
(inclusive of all Online Payment Fees)
– Transaction fee of SG$1.00

Sustainamalls does NOT charge for products to be uploaded, nor is there a minimum.

We are totally transparent on all fees, and these can be monitored along with your sales, from your Seller Dashboard page on the platform

What do I need to create a shop?

Setting up a shop on SustainaMalls is easy. Create an account, write a short description about your company and its products. Add your preffered payment method and start listing your products.

What about logistics?

SustainaMalls allows its Stores to independently source their own logistics solutions.

This gives you total freedom and flexibility to choose a company that suits your needs, and also to use the existing infrastructure you have built. 

Not every Store wishes to offer free shipping, so you will have the option to setup a fixed default shipping rate for every country, as well as being able to increase those charges on a per-product basis.

In addition, if you choose not to ship to a particular country or region, this is also at your discretion.

How do I get paid?

Payments can be made 3 ways:

1. FAST Bank Transfer. Our prefered method. Cleared funds will be made directly from our Singapore Bank account directly to yours via FAST payment.

2. Stripe. This is our payment gateway, and payments will be made directly to your email linked account.

3. Paypal. Funds will be deposited into your email linked Paypal account.

What can I sell on SustainaMalls?

This is by far the most important part of SustainaMalls Marketplace.

Products sold MUST be sourced and manufactured in method that meets our social, ethical and enviromental standards, which is a bar set high.

We ask that all stores have a good understanding of suppliers and their manufacturing process, as well as polices in place that ensure these standards are maintained and adhered to.

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